Icons and Links Now a Part of Some Facebook Status Updates

Icons and Links Now a Part of Some Facebook Status Updates

The world’s most popular social networking site has yet again made some changes to how posts appear on profiles. Any time a status update is related to a book, television show or movie, a small icon will appear (for example, a book icon if someone mentions that they’ve finished reading a Harry Potter book) and a link will automatically be made to the relevant Facebook page. It will also become possible to get a quick look at what someone has watched or read simply by looking at their timeline.

Facebook has made a few changes to status updates today. When a user mentions a book, television show or movie, their status update will be accompanied by an icon and a link that points to the Facebook page of what the user mentioned.

A Facebook blog posts gives a concrete example: when a user shares that they’re currently watching the ‘Jurassic Park’ movie, the post will show a small movie icon and a link that goes to the movie’s page. Also, the title of the movie will be added to the user’s timeline under the “Movies” section.

Simply put, Facebook will record any movie, book, or TV show mentioned by the user in their timeline. Understandably, some Facebook users may not like this new feature too much as they wouldn’t want to create a record of what they’ve watched or read. For this reason, Facebook gives the option to disable this new feature by making a few changes under the privacy settings.

The launch of this new feature has generated a lot of interest and talk on technology blogs and news sites, but for now there’s no clear answer as to why Facebook has proceeded with its launch. It is believed that it could be related to a revamping of the News Feed. An announcement made by Facebook in March 2013 showed that the social networking giant is making changes to the News Feed, giving users additional ways in which they can interact with their friends, different brands and other people. One of the biggest changes so far has given more options to navigate timeline stories. Previously, it was only possible to go through stories by sorting them according to “top stories” and “most recent”. The News Feed changes give someone on Facebook dozens of new ways to go through their friends posts.

Facebook has indicated that the new feature will continue to be rolled out in the United States within the coming weeks.


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