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Build Massive Social Buzz with Retweets!

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How To Order

How It Works

Intertwitter is a service that generates a huge buzz and social following for your Twitter Status Update. Our Massive network has thousands and thousands of unique users all standing by ready to spread the word about your message/site. Some of these user accounts have been established for years so they come with a ton of authority and power.


What are Intertwitter Retweet services?

Intertwitter is an all in one Twitter marketing service that creates a huge social buzz around the Twitter status update of your choosing.

Is this safe?

Absolutely! The process consists of thousands of unique Twitter users all Retweeting your Message/URL which Google Loves to See!

How do I know your service is working?

You can easily monitor the retweet count of the tweet you are promoting using Twitter’s built-in re-tweet counter.

Please note if you ever have any trouble with our services, you can contact our support team 24/7 or live chat when available.