Twitter Adds “Share Tweet Via Email”

The social media powerhouse known as “Twitter” seeks to captivate our attention and draw us into its alluring net yet again by introducing the option to share “tweets” of your choice with others via email! Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging website that allows it’s users to communicate news, messages, thoughts, opinions and other … Read more

Using Pinterest to Boost Your Social Media Efforts

Are you putting all your social media marketing efforts into Twitter and other social networks? Waiting for the results still? Are you selling a service or a conversation? These are things that you may want to ask yourself, and change your strategy that sells your products. One trend that is helping many creative people and … Read more

Is Twitter building a like button?

Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and the likes, are all social media sites that help people to connect with each other. It is evident that the globe is becoming smaller if one does get into these sites and use the networking applications that these sites run. The networking, in this case, does not refer to the connection … Read more

Six Ways To Use Facebooks Custom Audiences Feature For Digital Marketers

Facebook has developed and introduced a new custom audience feature that may be a ploy to win back audience and marketers after a rather dismal initial public offering performance. However, Facebook’s custom audience program is a distinct advantage to businesses and single proprietors marketing on Facebook. What you get is a tailor made spreadsheet of … Read more

Hurricane Sandy On Twitter: Following The Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to be one the biggest storms of 2012 and possibly the century. Twitter offers many links for people to look over for information and help. By offering the necessary information and tips for helping out, Twitter’s goal is to help out in as many ways as possible. The storm, Hurricane Sandy, … Read more

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