How to Write Compelling Content for Your Business Blog

The ongoing success and sustainability of your blog will depend on your ability to regularly produce timely and meaningful material for your visitors to read. Aside from generating traffic to your site, developing worthy content for it can be your greatest challenge in running it. Successful business blogs have in common certain elements setting them … Read more

The Differences Between a Facebook Poke and Snapchat

Facebook users may remember using “Poke” as a way to interact playfully with friends on the social networking site, but the original Poke app has recently been updated in order to compete with a new photo sharing app released last year called Snapchat. Although Poke and Snapchat are very similar, there are a few differences … Read more

History Made with Pope Benedict’s First Tweet

People waited expectantly for days for the Pope, the leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics, to do something that had never been done by a Pope before. He sent his first tweet.  In the early morning hours, Pope Benedict XVI tried to modernize his church by reaching out to people through a much … Read more

Occupy Wall Street Activist Will Not Enter Guilty Plea in Twitter Case

  In a case that is being closely followed by social media observers, privacy advocates and supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement, defendant Malcolm Harris changed his mind about pleading guilty and will instead faced trial starting December 12th, 2012. The 23-year old activist contemplated putting his legal ordeal behind him by entering a … Read more

Instagram Pictures Fade Away From Twitter

Instagram, the premier social photo sharing site that made headlines earlier this year when it was acquired by Facebook for close to $1 billion, has gotten a bit less social. In early December, several technology news media outlets reported that Instagram pictures were no longer fully displaying on the messaging social network Twitter. This was … Read more

Latest Facebook Insider Trade Nets COO $26M

In a transaction that many Facebook shareholders wish to not see again in the near future, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Kara Sandberg cashed in 946,588 shares of the company with transactions that took place on December 5th, 2012. According to the official Form 4 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the shares were … Read more

Facebook Complaints Get Santa Fired

Nobody is immune to the presence of social media, not even Santa. This fact was proven in Portland, Maine at the Maine Mall. Santa wasn’t having a good day and took it out on the kids, causing a social media uproar that led to the loss of his job and a public mess for the … Read more

Chris Brown Re-Activates his Twitter account

Well that did not take so long, 6 days ago we were wondering, where Chris Brown go?? He was totally off twitter after his beef with comedian Jenny Johnson. We can safely announce that he is back. On the 2 of December Chris brown reactivated his twitter account. The truth is, his silence is somewhat … Read more

Facebook To Share Data With Instagram, Loosen Email Rules

Facebook is proposing to share its user’s personal information with Instagram and visa versa. Some people have raised privacy issues with these ideas. Facebook is at present the largest social networking site and they have recently suffered a recent decrease in their revenues. The large majority of Facebook’s revenue is acquired through advertising on its … Read more

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