Twitter Hacks Lead to Headaches for Brands

Last Monday, as the long President’s Day weekend was coming to a close, the Twitter account for Burger King was hacked. Among other things, hackers used a McDonald’s logo as the profile picture. Immediately, people began to notify Hoot Suite, a firm that specializes in managing social media and security of social media accounts. Social … Read more

Improving the Tweet deck: Making Communication Even Faster

Tweeter has rapidly become one of the most popular social media outlets available on the web for keeping up-to-date with all sorts of information. From what your favorite celebrity is going to be wearing to the next big award show to new editions of your favorite clothing line or just simply where your friends happen … Read more

Twitter Is Not Selling Out

Twitter has declared recently that it has no plans to sell out its company and go public. CEO Dick Costolo has been quoted for saying that it will remain out of the public sphere and not serve up an IPO. What this means is that Twitter will remain an independent company. In addition this means … Read more

Pope to open a personal Twitter account

For many the ego of the Pope on twitter will take some time to get use to. On Monday the Vatican in a release revealed that the Pope is now an official member of the twitter community and his personal account is Benedict XVI, @Pontifex. The Pope has now officially joined millions of people from … Read more

Lookout! More News And Drama On Twitter!

Stacey Dash has been the latest victim of Twitter hate in recent news. You may know Dash from her leading role in Clueless as Alicia Silverstone’s best friend. However, the reason for so much online Twitter hate for Stacey Dash has come as an immediate backlash of her recent Twitter comment. If you have not … Read more

Twitter Can Read Your Mind on Black Friday

Even if you aren’t participating in the mob scenes at Wal-mart and other stores on Black Friday, you are probably thinking and talking about all the sales and chaos. This holds true even if you are on Twitter because it seems as if everybody on Twitter is talking about Black Friday. There is even a … Read more

External advertising network is coming soon on Facebook

Facebook admits that it shares user activity data with advertisers. Further it states that there are plans to share data both inside and outside the Facebook network. Sharing data with web-sites outside the network is a big part of Facebook’s revenue growth strategy. The enormous amount of data collected on users likes and dislikes is … Read more

Enhance your Twitter Experience with Favstar

  There are so many users on social media networks and Twitter is one of the most popular websites on the internet now. With so many useful people and tweets, it could be a bit of a chore to keep track with the important things that people send out. However, much like the ‘Like’ of … Read more

Google Rolls Out New Search Page

Catching up with the advancing times of search engine technology, Google has recently enhanced their search engine system to provide a cleaner and more accurate search to its users. The new layout is designed in a way which is aimed to help users better find and understand websites they are searching through, as well as … Read more

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