VisibleNation: The Next Generation in Social Networking

Social data comparison has fast become one of the most powerful influences in the world. The incredible success of social media like Twitter and Facebook has seen the rise of numerous platforms, including PeerIndex, Klout and LinkedIn. And the explosion has only begun. In no time, we’ll have access to Experian, IPSOS Mori, TNS, Research … Read more

Facebook Gets a Facelift, Focusing on Imagery

One of the most visible and significant components of social media goliath Facebook will soon look very different. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has often referred to his social network’s News Feed, Timeline and Graph Search as the three pillars of Facebook. Timeline was a major shake-up back in late 2011, and Graph Search is still in … Read more

Advertisers Welcome Twitter’s New Ads API

Twitter launched a new Ads Application Programming Interface (API) in February, which makes it easy for advertisers to run their promoted tweets. Media ad buyers welcomed that move with open arms because it used to be relatively difficult to buy ads on Twitter. It is not that Twitter did not have an ads API before. … Read more

Coachella, Front Gate, Nostalgia Acts, and Sell-Out Weekends!

  The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival bridges modern music with visual art into a three-day music festival extravaganza. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is the brainchild of Paul Tollett; the Coachella Valley, Music and Arts Festival, has been consistently active since 2001. Past and Present In 2013, the Coachella Valley Music … Read more

Facebook Seeks to Build Investor Confidence by Charging Users $1 to Send Higher Visibility Messages 28 February 2013, Comments: 0 Facebook announced on Thursday that they will begin testing a different way of sending messages for people who need to reach outside of their circle of friends. The company intends to give users the ability to contact other people that they normally would have a much more difficult time doing … Read more

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