Protecting Your Social Media from Hackers

On February 18, Burger King discovered that someone had hacked its Twitter account, renamed it as McDonald’s and splattered the background with a picture of Fish McBites. During the hour it took to fix the problem, the culprits made 53 tweets to Burger King’s 80,000-plus followers. The tweets included the amusing “If I catch you … Read more

Twitter Shifts Focus to Web, Retires TweetDeck

Social media giant Twitter announced on March 5 that it will be retiring its TweetDeck desktop and mobile apps in a shift to a more web-based experience. The move will also remove the integration with Facebook, which never saw a large adaption by users. The popular application’s power users expressed dismay at the decision, labeling it as a “death knell”. TweetDeck mobile … Read more

Do Your Clients Use Social Media?

Generally, when speaking of social media for the purpose of promoting its benefits, I tend to focus on the advantages it provides to those in the financial services field – attracting new customers, optimizing customer service, etc.; however, a fascinating study grabbed my attention recently. The study described that 9 out of 10 “high–rolling” investors … Read more

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