Online Giants Asked to Join Fight Against CISPA by Reddit Co-Founder

Lawmakers are getting ready to talk about the controversial CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), which has sent many Internet freedom activists to speak out against it and encourage others to do the same. Reddit’s co-founder, Alex Ohanian has been featured in a video published by Fight for the Future, an online advocacy group. … Read more

How Writing Evolved with Social Media

The digital age has brought many changes to the way people communicate, and this is most evident in writing. It is now common for work colleagues to express themselves in emails much the same way they would if they were talking face-to-face. Each day, it is more clear that the dividing line between speech and … Read more

Social Media as the new witness to sexual assault cases

Social media frequently gets blamed for robbing our children of their innocence and safety. Adolescent mistakes and missteps that used to be quickly forgotten now live forever on social media. Stories that used to be confined to one school, one community are now blasted around the globe. This is an era where our mistakes live … Read more

Twitter Prepares to Release New Music App

The music discovery service We Are Hunted has been purchased by Twitter last year. But since the acquisition, it has been reported that its technology is being used to put together a standalone music app by Twitter. According to some people with inside information on the matter, the new app will be called Twitter music … Read more

5 Competing Set Times at Coachella 2013

Coachella is known for its explosive annual musical festivities that draw fans from all over the region. This year’s event is no different, but attendees might have trouble choosing between some of the acts. With so many excellent shows going on, several favorites are playing during the same time slots. Although fans who miss some … Read more

Preparing for Ultra Music Fest 2013 in Downtown Miami

The downtown Miami community gears up for the Ultra Music Fest every year. 2013 is no different. The influential and popular electronic music festival will cross two weekends at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami this year. In 2012, over 165,000 people came out for the music fest. This year, the festival’s fifteenth, organizers expect those … Read more

Glow Stick Debacle Lands Miami Police Department in Hot Water

An incident that occurred at the Ultra Music Festival in 2011 has the Miami Police Department in hot water. Jesse Campodonico, 27-years-old, is suing the Miami Police Department because of police brutality. Campodonico, a fitness trainer from New York, and his girlfriend were attending the Ultra Music Festival in 2011 when the incident occurred. Campodonico … Read more

Classic Bands and New Favorites at Coachella 2013

The annual Coachella Festival is once again making headlines with its eclectic lineup of bands old and new. Headliners for the three-day festival include the reunited Blur and Stone Roses, the French band Phoenix, and Los Angeles-based rock legends, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Where last year’s show made headlines for showcasing a reincarnated via … Read more

Twitter Offered To Buy Instagram For $525 Million

The New York Times is reporting that Twitter offered to buy Instagram back in March for $525 million in cash & stock; three weeks before Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg finalized a deal to buy Instagram for $1 billion at the time; which included $300 million in cash and the rest in Facebook stock. This is contrary … Read more

How to Get More Facebook Fans and Keep Them

Any successful business needs to have some kind of plan when it comes to social media, and Facebook fan pages are a huge part of that equation. Along with twitter feeds and Instagram photos, it’s vitally important to make sure that you have a plan when it comes to building your Facebook fan base and … Read more

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