8 Ways to Obtain New Facebook Fans

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Facebook has integrated into nearly every nook and cranny of the web; its introduction of the ‘like’ button and pages feature has given web users the ability to engage brands on the social network.

Average users spend nearly 7 – 8 hours, each week on Facebook; a significant portion of this time is spent interacting on fan pages. This reason is why you should not hold off, any longer in implementing your own and obtaining new Facebook page followers; this article will share how to reach those fans.

1. Embed/Link your Facebook Fan Page

The simplest solution to dramatically increasing and obtaining Facebook fans is to use the embed code, provided by Facebook, for your page, onto your existing website. The embedded Facebook box will share friends and family that follow your page which has been a significant factor in others following suit. A simple link to your Facebook fan page is sufficient, as well.

2. Siphon Traffic from Articles to your Page

Use every opportunity to siphon your website visitors to your Facebook fan page. Remove the countless social media options and focus on the big one: Facebook. Place your Facebook follow the link at the bottom of your blog posts and website articles; you’ll capture people in the moment they feel you’ve delivered them value which further entices them to learn more by visiting your fan page.

3. Gain Traction Externally

The general process of guest posting is to build backlinks and gain exposure for your website but Facebook fan pages can be equally powerful in the long run because it’s built around a subscription model (i.e. subscribing to your brand). Use your opportunity to write for other websites as a funnel for sending people to your Facebook fan page rather than to your existing website; they’ll find your websiteafter they’ve become your follower.

4. Suggest your Page to your List

Businesses have customer lists; websites have email newsletters, Twitter has followers, and LinkedIn has business networks; all of these are your lists which you could promote your Facebook fan page. People that already follow you know the value you’re able to deliver; Facebook is another platform for you to share and ignite discussion which makes the act of following a no-brainer for your existing list.

5. Optimize, Just like SEO

Place as much work into naming and filling out information on your Facebook fan page as you would when doing SEO work for your website. People readily search for brands, using Google, and often get served the Facebook fan pages as one of the options. Leverage web users’ search for keywords and branding to capture them when they’re in “research mode” and then convert them to active followers.

6. Run Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the largest growing ad platforms on the web due to the size of its user base. The Facebook advertising platform is extremely flexible; you can target your audience on nearly any feature, interest, location, or other elements which weeds out unwanted followers and focuses only on the highest potential fans. Ads aren’t entirely expensive either; run a small campaign and allow the fan page to grow, over time, through the viral effect of people ‘liking’ your page and sharing it with others.

7. Create Real Engagement

Post status updates, pictures, videos, polls, and other interactive, fun statuses daily to build a regular rapport with your followers. Treat your Facebook fan page as a direct extension of your website but share content that’s only found on the network; this gives people a greater reason to specifically follow you on Facebook because it’s additional value beyond your website. Interesting discussions, entertaining links, active discussions, and community involvement will help grow your fan page by leaps and bounds because people will begin suggesting your page to their friends and family due to the value and entertainment you provide.

8. Tickle Followers with Savings

Treat your Facebook fan page as if it’s a “secret” location to find the best deals for your particular website, business, or niche. Release discounts, coupons, and bonuses to active Facebook followers that can’t be found anywhere else but the network. People will catch word about the incredible deals you provide, on your fan page, and will naturally become fans to get in on the action.

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