Chris Brown Re-Activates his Twitter account

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Well that did not take so long, 6 days ago we were wondering, where Chris Brown go?? He was totally off twitter after his beef with comedian Jenny Johnson. We can safely announce that he is back. On the 2 of December Chris brown reactivated his twitter account.

The truth is, his silence is somewhat deafening yet entertaining. Brown has now resorted to using Instagram. Rihanna in fact has taken the lead and is now tweeting provocative images of them both.

In a recent interview before his fall out with comedian Jenny Johnson, Chris seemed to be in total control of things. He spoke of how much he had matured and is now past many of the things which took place back then, in fact his quote was “me growing now, it’s showing my progression,”. In an interview with XXL he said the usage of his twitter account was for venting purposes as well as promotions and marketing. He is also willing to answer questions that the media throws at him but it comes with conditions.

The truth is Chis has matured, he has grown and can now stand up to many of the blows that the media will through every now and then. He has developed a thicker skin. When he just started out you could say he was somewhat of a hot head but he has normalized, after all he is human just like the rest of us. We hope that things will work out with Brown as he becomes a mature artist. The media will always be around so expect anything Chris.

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