Google Rolls Out New Search Page

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Catching up with the advancing times of search engine technology, Google has recently enhanced their search engine system to provide a cleaner and more accurate search to its users. The new layout is designed in a way which is aimed to help users better find and understand websites they are searching through, as well as preview websites and have the ability to filter their results to a greater extent.

This new layout is designed specifically to enhance the search engine experience. The search features have been redesigned so that one is easily able to filter out results according to their needs and quickly find the exact resource they are looking for. There is a wide variety of new search filters available ranging from verbatim to not yet visited to sites with images. These features allow you to customize your search and conform it to your exact needs, making the Google search engine more practical and compatible with its users. There is even an search tool option which allows you to enter a location in which you wish your article to be sourced which can prove wildly beneficial for both scholars and regular browsers who are either looking for a primary source or an appropriately biased source.

The new layout also provides better aesthetics and spacial room on the webpage. Unlike the squeezed together old fashioned Google layout, this new page is spread out more evenly and provides a less scrunched up look than its counterpart. Both the search results and the page previews shown on the side of the page are now spaced in a way which makes them seem uncrowded and easier to visualize. While aesthetics may not be the first thing on the mind when using a search engine, it definitely provides a better feel to the experience and less of a headache to those who have difficulty when it comes to reading small and tightly placed font.

Overall, this new Google search engine that is being initially launched in the United States should definitely receive positive reactions from the public. The search engine improvements aim to keep up with the rapidly advancing modern technology and will prove to be beneficial to both Google and its customer base.

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