How To Generate A Massive Avalanche Of Free Traffic For Your Website

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Traffic is money

The more traffic you get, the more money you’ll make. Once you’ve got a decent website up and running, and you’re converting a certain percentage of visits into sales or money making clicks, the strategy is simple: Get as much traffic as you possibly can. In this article, you’ll learn a few simple ways to do this.

Most people are aware of the massive money making potential of blogging these days. Setting up a blog is easy enough. With free software like WordPress, you don’t need to know any programming whatsoever to set up your own site. There’s plenty of plugins that can help make your site look like it was designed by a seasoned professional. All you’ve got to add is content, and you’re good to go.

Without any traffic, your blog won’t be worth much. You can write the most insightful piece known to man, or describe in clear detail how to turn lead into gold, but if nobody comes by to read it, it won’t matter.

So how do you get traffic?

Glad you asked.

The easiest way is to get organic traffic. That means ranking in Google for various search terms related to your site. Google bases its algorithm largely on the amount of external backlinks you have pointing towards your site. That means you’ve got to put links out there.

But don’t just put them anywhere. You want your links to serve two purposes. One is to count in Google’s algorithm. Another is to actually get people to click on those links and come to your site. That way, it’s like getting two for one.

Blog Commenting

The best place to put these links is in comments on blogs that get plenty of traffic. Read the blog post, think of a good, helpful comment, and leave a link back to your site. Get into the habit of doing this a couple times a day.

Online Forums

Another place is online forums. Find a few forums that let you leave a link in your signature. Get into the habit of participating in the discussions. Get into the habit of leaving a couple posts per day.

Follow Me On Twitter

Another great place to get traffic is from Twitter. When you follow people, a certain number of them will follow you back. Just get in the habit of following ten or twenty new people every day. Give it a couple days, and then simply unfollow those who didn’t follow you. Keep this up and you’ll have thousands of followers in no time.

Whenever you update your blog, let everybody on Twitter know. Your tweet will get retweeted, and every blog post has the potential of going viral.

It’s essential to encourage people to bookmark your blog, as well as share it on as many social networking sites as possible. That way, over time, your traffic will grow exponentially.

Facebook, Duh!

Facebook is also a great place to get traffic from. Create a Facebook page, and start collecting friends. Make sure to update your blog to Facebook every time you make a post. Encourage your friends to read your posts and share them with their friends. This also increases the chances of your posts going viral.

When you practice these methods daily, over time you’ll generate a huge following. And before long, all the money you’ll be making from that traffic will be enough for you to quit your day job.

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