How to Write Compelling Content for Your Business Blog

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The ongoing success and sustainability of your blog will depend on your ability to regularly produce timely and meaningful material for your visitors to read. Aside from generating traffic to your site, developing worthy content for it can be your greatest challenge in running it. Successful business blogs have in common certain elements setting them apart from the countless number of lesser sites in a crowded market of ideas. Chief among these is the inherent ability to bring readers back to the site many times. In the industry of Internet marketing, this quality is known as “stickiness”.

Maintaining a site featuring articles that are genuinely “sticky” puts you a step further toward building a compelling business blog. One smart way to accomplish this is to produce material in serial form where the reader must come back at a future date to discover the conclusion of the previous article. Needless-to-say this can be done indefinitely allowing the publisher to build up growing pool of followers. The best way to take advantage of this strategy is to begin with a large sweeping concept whose main ideas can be broken down into a number of smaller, separate articles that can be published individually across time. The great advantage of this method is that one can create an inventory of articles that can be warehoused until the next time an article is needed.

Organizations need material to work with for social media outreach and to build brand equity. To be persuasive, you need something to say, and it is not enough to simply report on what has been “going on” within the industry your blog serves. Regular readers want actionable insights and analysis of the things and experiences that they enthusiastically follow.

The responsibility of producing good content does not need to be an onerous grind we look forward to. There are a number of ways to find ideas and inspiration online that you can use to develop article ideas. A good place to start is by subscribing to RSS feeds whose content relates to your site. Another solution is to subscribe to online versions of industry magazines and trade journals.

In a pinch, one can invite a guest blogger to step in and write something related to the topic at hand. Frequently, talented guest bloggers will willingly contribute an article or two for nothing more than credit for their work along with a link back to their site. Publishers who believe that this solution is right for them should work on lining up guest blogger candidates ahead of time in anticipation of need. Sometimes posting a notice at the end of our existing articles is sufficient to induce somebody who is well worth it to write for us on a temporary basis.

Another approach to creating compelling content for your blog is to publish an article containing an embedded video featuring timely information about the subject matter of your blog, and then provide below it some commentary and analysis of the material covered in the video. In this way you fill space while providing your visitors with what they want. There are two primary advantages to using this approach. Firstly, videos are easily sharable, and they can if well made “go viral”. People like to copy link to videos they link a lot, and e-mail those links to their friends. This gets you extra traffic.

Moreover, more and more of the major search engines are ranking websites based on the amount of time visitors spend interacting with them (and many other factors). In the language of search engines, this is called “bounce”. A website or blog with a high “bounce rate” is one where the majority of the visitors click away soon after arriving, and modern search engine algorithms can now track this. Having a video in a blog post that plays for 5 minutes or more before a visitor turns away, will improve any site’s bounce rate.

We will be adding more How To’s related to internet marketing, social media and Facebook for business posts.

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