Hurricane Sandy On Twitter: Following The Frankenstorm

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Hurricane Sandy is supposed to be one the biggest storms of 2012 and possibly the century. Twitter offers many links for people to look over for information and help. By offering the necessary information and tips for helping out, Twitter’s goal is to help out in as many ways as possible. The storm, Hurricane Sandy, is supposedly going to land along the Coast of Florida on October 26th in the morning. After the landing in Florida, Hurricane Sandy is predicted to head up the entire East Coast before disappearing into the Pacific Ocean. This major storm started out as a Tropical Storm over a week ago and has turned into a Category 1 Hurricane with expected high wind damage.

Hurricane Sandy is continuously changing its course the past 48 hours. The National news are calling it a behemoth storm. This storm is due to hit with a massive force and cause major destruction on any land mass it touches. President Obama has alerted the Nation on Live Television with updated reports since the major change and direction of this Hurricane. Upon the arrival of this storm, citizens living along the East Coast will be affected in many mannerisms. As the rat population is displaced along the coastal waters, environmentalists fear that rats and their diseases will make many sick. Another major affect is how the economy will take a direct hit. The economy will be affected negatively with all the businesses, schools, and corporations closing in preparation for this storm. With cities all along the East Coast closing everything up, life will stop in its tracks.

Meteorologists are deeply concerned for the safety of those already affected and waiting for the storm of the century to hit. The reference point that Meteorologists have given to prove their point is Perfect Storm. Perfect Storm had a massive Hurricane out in the ocean that destroyed lives. They are relating the Perfect Storm movie because of the width and severity of Hurricane Sandy and how much the two storms are similiar. The true test of courage for citizens, will be picking up the pieces in the midst of destruction.

Government officials and agencies are keeping up to date information for everyone to see on Television, News Reports, and many online Web Sites. Some of the best known spots for detailed and up to date information are on the United States Weather Service channels, the National Hurricane Center, The Weather Channel, and Huffington’s local newspapers. On all of these coverage areas, there is great maps for tracking the storm. These tracking maps can be accessed and printed out for personal use in people’s homes. Officials and agencies from the Government and State have high hopes in providing vital resources and information to all people out there being affected.

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