Improving the Tweet deck: Making Communication Even Faster

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Tweeter has rapidly become one of the most popular social media outlets available on the web for keeping up-to-date with all sorts of information. From what your favorite celebrity is going to be wearing to the next big award show to new editions of your favorite clothing line or just simply where your friends happen to be located and what they are thinking at any given time twitter allows these things to happen at such a rate of speed that no one will ever be left out of the loop again.

Recently twitter has decided to update the Tweet deck to make it more efficient and convenient for users to operate it has also been engineered to allow users to keep up with multiple Facebook and twitter timelines so that users can have access to as much current information as possible this particular twitter update is available for Mac, Windows, Google Chrome and web-based users navigating all the different twitter feeds and features has become easier thanks to an updated column navigator, list management and profile improvements.

Traditionally Tweet deck has employed a darker format, with dark text and backgrounds. The new application, however, has been cleaned up, and now uses dark text on a light background to improve text visibility. Users are now also able to adjust their font size of the text for added convenience there have also been a few theme updates to the Tweet deck as well. So that the user can personalize their Tweet deck that much more.

It is important to note however that these new updates are still somewhat buggy. As far as scheduling tweaks with photos attached, scheduling post to Facebook, and some other minor details still continue to be a problem in early testing the problems however should be remedied very shortly and they are in no way detrimental to the use of Tweet deck. It should also be noted that Tweet deck should not be confused with twitter is a official application on the twitter did officially buy Tweet deck last year is a different social media networking client that twitter has folded under their wing.

Tweet deck is a completely free application, and as far as the updates are concerned. The Windows application will update automatically, Google chrome users will have to restart their browser and install the update, Mac users can grab the update from the Mac app store whenever they wish enjoy the update and happy tweeting.

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