Lights All Night 2012 Photo Coverage NYE

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Dallas was known for its cowboys. Now Dallas-native entrepreneurs Hank Keller and Scott Osburn made sure that Dallas is also famous for its music. These two friends turned an idea into reality with their Lights All Night music experience. Starting in 2010, Lights All Night has become an explosion of electronic music. Unfortunately, Fair Park residents weren’t so excited about the music. Drawing over 30,000 ticket holders over a two-night period, the 2011 concert greeted area residents with scantily-clad rockers and perpetual music. Not the quiet evening at home that many people prefer on New Year’s Eve, some would say.

Lights All Night sprouted from a New Year’s Eve cocktail party at an area hotel. When it became an instant success, Keller and Osburn expanded the event in 2009. Attendance doubled at that event, and the Lights All Night tradition was born. Osburn and Keller realized that there was a need for a musical outlet for Dallas area youth. Now it’s clear that the Lights All Night fever is spreading worldwide. Concert goers are pouring in from all over the nation and the world, driving from as far as Canada to participate in the action. Plans are in the works to open Lights All Night as an international event, possibly based in Australia. The international event will likely not be part of a New Year’s Eve celebration. Perhaps the New Year’s concert’s expansion will help to alleviate the concerns of Fair Park neighbors that the music event is too loud or too wild. Until then, Lights All Night promises to be a multi-night affair to remember.

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