Lookout! More News And Drama On Twitter!

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Stacey Dash has been the latest victim of Twitter hate in recent news. You may know Dash from her leading role in Clueless as Alicia Silverstone’s best friend. However, the reason for so much online Twitter hate for Stacey Dash has come as an immediate backlash of her recent Twitter comment.

If you have not heard, Stacey Dash endorsed Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, who is going up against the current president of the United States and Democratic nominee, Barack Obama. Moreover, Dash endorsed Romney and hundreds of hate tweets came flooding into her account.

Some of the hateful tweets consisted of people shocked that Dash, who is of African American race, would vote for a Caucasian nominee. More than being ignorant was the fact that most of these comments were plain nasty and rude, simply attacking Dash for her presidential election campaign choice. Further, Dash was attacked for supporting someone who has very little in middle class America, when Dash, seemingly was criticized for being unemployed.

The harsh criticism continued, as so many of Dash’s fans are followers of Obama. Needless, to say this story made headlines in celebrity news across the Nation for being controversial and involving lots of hate message through the social media network, Twitter. Dash quickly defended herself by saying that she voiced her own opinion, which everyone is entitled to under the first amendment of the right to free speech.

This all comes down to opinions and how some people overreact when they hear something they dislike. All social networks have one thing in common and that is they allow people to voice their opinions. And moreover, some opinions create more of an outrage than others. Was Dash insulting people directly or using profanity in defending her presidential campaign choices? The answer is obviously not, yet she was still attacked in a rude manner for using her free speech to voice an opinion.

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