MTV UK Tweets Pay Off Big for “Stars of 2012” show

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MTV UK Tweets Pay Off Big for “Stars of 2012” show

Does 500,000 early votes seem like a big deal? Ask MTV UK and the answer will be a resounding, “Yes!” MTV UK uses social media promotion to perfection with Twitter as the basis. MTV UK’s “MTV Stars Of 2012” airs the evening of Saturday, 22 December and has already drawn the astounding vote tally. As many as 90,000 votes were cast over three short days.

Fans have been encouraged to cast their ballots for their favorite candidates. They can choose from 60 different artists that are available on UK’s MTV Music and other MTV UK channels such as MTV Hits. Hashtag #mtvstars allows them to punch the ticket via Twitter, then the votes tally online allowing fans to see their personal impact immediately.

This has created an excitement and a preview buildup that MTV parent company Viacom’s executives are pleased with. Real time vote casting and up-to-the-minute online posting are MTV innovations. MTV has brought this style of voting to the forefront by using it during the EMAs as well as during their MTV VMAs. Fans are allowed instant worldwide interactivity and this draws youth significantly to MTV and its brand. Twitter supplies the system and Mass Relevance does the tallying in partnership with MTV.

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