Twitter Can Read Your Mind on Black Friday

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Even if you aren’t participating in the mob scenes at Wal-mart and other stores on Black Friday, you are probably thinking and talking about all the sales and chaos. This holds true even if you are on Twitter because it seems as if everybody on Twitter is talking about Black Friday.

There is even a chart available that categorizes exactly what people are tweeting about Black Friday. Twitter produces over 400 million tweets a day and they are all categorized by a company called Mass Relevance. Mass Relevance specializes in categorizing what is happening on social media for different brands and any other clients that may want the information.

Apple is easily the most popular brand that people are Tweeting about. When it comes to electronic gadgets, the Xbox 360 takes the most popular title. Only two toy brands are talked about often enough to register by Mass Relevance’s system. Those two brands are Lego and Barbie, nothing else even comes close to their popularity.

If you are interested in checking out a live version of these sorting charts, just visit You can also check out a stream of other forms of social media including Facebook and Instagram updates. The website also allows you to compare two different types of tweets if you are interested in a side-by-side comparison. The competition between the iPhone5 and Galaxy SIII is a popular one that a lot of people are Tweeting about.

Starcom/MediaVest is a prominent company that specializes in media buying and planning. It is owned by Publicis. This company is sponsoring the live chart. Lisa Weinstein, the head of the digital department at the company, said they are sponsoring this chart to show their potential clients that having customers getting interested in a brand on the web is a lot better for the company that running simple banner ads. The next step is for the company to convince the clients that having people talk and Tweet about the brands will result in more sales and revenue.

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