Twitter Election Impact

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After the Presidential Debate was televised to a national audience. The number of Tweets on has reached to nearly 10 million Tweets in the week after the debate. 97% of Internet users who paid attention during this pivotal event made their voices known on their choices for each Presidential Campaign. In 2008 at the Republican National Convention over 4 million Twitters left their thoughts and comments on the Republican Campaign.

Both sides are taking advantage of this new form of poll taking to the next level. Depending on which way the election will swing what is known that the Internet has more influence affairs than any other time in the 20th Century. Social networking might be the future of who will get the Presidential Office later in the 21st Century. One key point is that Twitter will have a great influence on campaign donations in the next few weeks.

It will be a tight race all the way to Election Day with Twitter as the driving factor behind this election. Washington DC is ground zero for the hotly contested campaign race that will all come to a head on November 6th 2012. Whoever wins the race on November 6th will understand that the Internet is just as equal as the ballot box in terms of an election. In only a matter of time the future of America will be decided in terms of the current issues that are present in this day and age.

The impact of the massive amount of Tweets on the Internet will influence who will get the most campaign donations during this Election Year. All eyes in America and across the globe will be on Washington DC in the next few weeks to see who will win the election. Emotions will be riding high during the final weeks of the campaigns leaving a lot of speculation and predictions on who will win. One thing is clear the electronic impact of the Internet after last week’s debate has shown the importance of social networking online can have on an election. Out of all the odds Twitter has shaped this election in more ways than one on deciding who will be the next president.

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