Twitter Is Not Selling Out

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Twitter has declared recently that it has no plans to sell out its company and go public. CEO Dick Costolo has been quoted for saying that it will remain out of the public sphere and not serve up an IPO. What this means is that Twitter will remain an independent company. In addition this means that investors seemingly are not putting any type of external pressure on Twitter to go public. The company aspires to succeed independently.

This is a rare feat in today’s tough economic structure. However, Twitter has been steadfast in arranging to remain an independent and successfully ascending company in the social media networking system. In other words, Twitter is worth over eight billion dollars and taking the financial risk is too burdensome at this time, it seems. Look at the controversial IPO news frenzy over Facebook going public. Why would Twitter want to stunt a good thing going? Also, going public means losing independent control. Right now the board of directors at Twitter control every move, with a public option this could reduce the right of control and put Twitter into more financial distress and provide a negative effect in the social media network’s leading role.

Twitter like almost all of the social media networks, relies on its advertising ads to ascertain profitable revenue. It has been said that Twitter is planning a campaign to enter into a new phase of smartphone mobility and accessibility that would expand users and at the same time increase ad revenues across the board. The upcoming change would increase profits and it seems this is not the right time for Twitter to go for a public option. But that is not to say that Twitter will not open the doors to a conversation for going public.

Twitter is continuing to make waves in the social media platform network. However, whether Twitter will decide to go public is a matter for the future. Presently, Twitter’s success has come from the ground up. Their platform and ideology has striven towards independent success, likewise to Facebook, which means that eventually having a public option for future investors and company holders might come into play. It will be interesting to see what Twitter plans to do in the next upcoming months leading into 2013 and whether that will great affect in a positive or negative light Twitter’s future decision for having a public option.

What remains to be seen is the next push for Twitter with additional marketing and ad revenue streams and more smartphone mobility. Coming into the holiday season, Twitter will either have the resurgence needed to continue remaining independent flying in the face of many of their other online social media competitors, or perhaps, on the other hand, discovering the potential in offering an IPO option.

Nonetheless, Twitter has shown the possibility of what it means to remain independent instead of providing a public option. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts or if it will ever change.

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