Twitter Poised to Take Over Social Media Sphere, but Why?

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Twitter has long been seen as the annoying, mobile baby brother of Facebook for many people; an odd feeling since Twitter and Facebook has nothing in common. Twitter has grown in the shadow of the social media behemoth Facebook, but it is starting to look like Twitter is ready to peek out from behind that shadow and become the real star.

According to Forbes eMarketers are already projecting Twitter to make $130 million in mobile ad revenue. Facebook, on the other hand, is projected to pull in just $70 million even though they have about 7x as many users as Twitter. Facebook busted onto the scene and seems to have leveled off in popularity; ala MySpace some 6 years ago. Twitter, on the other hand, decided to play a tortoise’s version of the race and has slowly and steadily gained users and a loyal band of merry, merry tweeters. This band of loyal tweeters has been egged on by celebrities and major companies responding directly to their commentary. Frankly, Twitter makes users feel important and the excitement of having Ashton Kutcher retweet a comment is good enough to update repeatedly in a day; simply.

So, why is Twitter poised to take over the social sphere? Simply put, they have what people want. Twitter is a platform that takes insanely well to the mobile community. The app works and is gorgeously simple. The entire concept focuses on the mobile space and people around the globe are in love with mobile activity. Twitter loads faster than Facebook and was created as a microblogging entity. This “microblogging” feel makes people feel okay about updating 20-times a day. Most Facebook users try to keep their updates at bay; lest they be hidden from the news feed. Tweeters are more active than Facebook users and they check in more often. Facebook has seen a 30% decline in page views over the last year, according to Forbes; that’s a massive problem.

When Facebook became a superstar people were tied to laptops and computers. The large profiles and extensive options made sense at that time; just as the sparkly themes of 2003 made perfect sense for MySpacers. Twitter exists in a simple, watered down atmosphere that is quick and easy to access; exactly what current social media users are looking for. Twitter is what makes sense post-smartphone revolution. Plus, advertisers are beginning to fall in love with the platform and the hash tag system that allows them to see exactly what the tweeters of the universe are going on about today.

Essentially it looks like Facebook has simply had its moment and it will eventually slump off into the sunset of another social media site gone rouge. That isn’t to say that people won’t save it. MySpace is currently in works to “reinvent” themselves, but the process isn’t an easy one. Twitter is growing because of its user base and mobile property. Facebook simply doesn’t have the capacity to be a super-mobile entity and people are desperate for that at the moment. Facebook is doomed for a life of mediocrity while Twitter is just getting started at the party.

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