Twitter Prepares to Release New Music App

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The music discovery service We Are Hunted has been purchased by Twitter last year. But since the acquisition, it has been reported that its technology is being used to put together a standalone music app by Twitter.

According to some people with inside information on the matter, the new app will be called Twitter music and might be available on the iOS platform by the end of March. The app’s main function will be to suggest artists and songs to the user, based on a variety of different factors, such as the accounts that a user is following on Twitter. The app will use SoundCloud to stream content to the user.

The arrival of Twitter Music shows that Twitter is seeking to expand its presence in the online world by becoming a complete media company. This is seen by many as recognition that music has played an important role in drawing more people to the micro-blogging service. Popular musicians are among the people with the most Twitter followers, with some having tens of millions of fans who read their tweets. Even the Twitter account for the app has reached over 2 million followers, which shows that interest in the new app is high.

The app will have Twitter’s full branding, as opposed to another of Twitter’s apps, the video sharing tool Vine. The first time a user launches the app, they would get a short presentation of what it can do and how to use it. Those who have a Twitter account can sign in and get music recommendations that are personalized based on who they follow and what they do on Twitter. However, having a Twitter account isn’t mandatory to use the app, which could result in more people using the app and then deciding to create a Twitter account.

Twitter Music will make use of technology developed by We Are Hunted, a company that was bought by Twitter in the last six months. We Are Hunted started as a free music discovery service back in 2009. Despite the Twitter acquisition, We Are Hunted’s music discovery service will still be available for the time being.

The service works by putting together a Billboard chart by monitoring which songs are the most popular on social media sites, blogs, discussion forums and BitTorrent. Those who use the service can streat songs, manage playlists and also share their favorite songs through numerous social media channels.

The main question that remains for Twitter is whether its users will like the app enough so that it becomes a serious competitor in the world of online music discovery. Other services, such as Pandora with its 67 million active users, now enjoy immense popularity.

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