Using Multimedia to Market Your Online Business

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With most of our Internet connections now being fast enough to view the Web in all its glory, the commonness of multimedia-intensive sites has risen considerably. No longer do websites have to be primarily text-based with a few low quality, low resolution images here and there. These days, people use the Internet for viewing video and images, particularly on popular social media websites. Image and video content and, sometimes even audio content, is essential for building awareness of your brand.

Image Marketing and Social Media

People are often more likely to remember images than articles and it has been truthfully said that an image can be worth a thousand words. There are various popular image sharing social media sites such as Flickr, Picasa Web Albums and Photo Bucket among others. They provide a platform for hosting and sharing images as well as commenting on them. Facebook and certain other social networking sites also provide such functionality, although they are not as specialized as the dedicated image sharing websites. Using image marketing websites like Flickr provides you with a platform for albums, discussions and much more.

Another thing which is becoming increasingly popular is the use of infographics. Infographics provide a great addition to many articles. Information graphics are visual representations of all sorts of things from business strategies to subway maps. They can be used to show statistics, plans, strategies and more in a user-friendly, eye-catching and interesting manner.

Video Marketing and Social Media

YouTube pretty much dominates the world of streaming video and it should be the first port of call for any online business interested in video marketing. Also, make sure to look into other popular alternatives such as Vimeo. Video marketing presents an opportunity to effectively engage your potential customers. Videos can also illustrate things which cannot be so efficiently explained by text. Videos can be informational, humorous or they can simply showcase a new product or service. Videos may be uploaded to Vimeo, which is also completely free to use, saving you on hosting and bandwidth costs. You can then embed the video on your own blog or website although it will still be playing through YouTube/Vimeo rather than being hosted on your website and affecting its bandwidth.

Video marketing positively impacts your Internet marketing campaign in a number of ways including adding a human element, targeting a more specific audience, increasing your visibility and getting listed in the search engines.

You can always use viewer feedback for market research!

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