Using Pinterest to Boost Your Social Media Efforts

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Are you putting all your social media marketing efforts into Twitter and other social networks? Waiting for the results still? Are you selling a service or a conversation? These are things that you may want to ask yourself, and change your strategy that sells your products. One trend that is helping many creative people and retail businesses is Pinterest, and if you have not heard of it, you are not doing social media marketing.

Pinterest has many facets that you can use to not only help you boost your social media campaigns; you can use it to get more views for your products. The use of Pinterest for small retail businesses is becoming more popular than Twitter for social media marketing. It is a platform that makes more sense for small retail businesses to brand their name through social media marketing. It is a platform that can be integrated into other social media networks.

Using Pinterest for Small Retail Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Using Pinterest for social media marketing campaigns is something that is becoming main stream in many communities such as small retail businesses, design, and artists. It offers the ability to connect many tools in one place, and overall showcase the products you sell.

Pinterest is a place where you can showcase you products. It shows how people tend to be visual in a social atmosphere. Using exiting visual media to create boards about your products or services will help you to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

There are a lot of ways to make the most out of your marketing efforts with Pinterest. You can create different boards that cover different categories such as man’s and woman’s clothes, then pin different products to the boards. It is a great way to get views to your products. It also has the benefit of creating direct links to the products that you want to sell.

Combining Pinterest with Other Social Media Efforts

Many retail businesses are catching on, and Pinterest is becoming their main source for all their media marketing efforts. This does not mean that other social networks are not as important, but they serve as secondary source, or a way to promote pin-boards that promote products and services.

The older social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook still have their place in social media marketing. They are being used to promote the pins to millions of users. It is an addictive, yet useful habit that can help you to promote your business.

LinkedIn Vs. Facebook-Which is Better for Advertisers?

LinkedIn and Facebook just reported their earnings for the third quarter of 2012. Viewing these earnings could change the minds of certain advertisers when seeking placement of pay per click ads and banners.

However, perhaps the decision is not so clear. After all, several factors determine which advertiser a company would use. Before discussing the reasons a company would prefer to promote on one social site over another, the next section gives a brief summary of current Facebook and LinkedIn earning reports.

Third Quarter Report Summary

When seeing how much Facebook has made after this third-quarter report, the answer for promoters might seem obvious for some. However, once again, it may not be that simple.

Facebook is reporting having generated $1.26 billion in revenue, and they are up by 32%. LinkedIn has generated $252 million, and they are up by 81%. Facebook reports a total of $1.1 billion in ad revenue, while LinkedIn reports $60 million in ad revenue, with an upswing of +36% and +60% respectively.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Facebook advertisers have the potential to reach larger volumes of consumers at once. However, LinkedIn promoters can reach targeted professional audiences. Facebook is still rapidly growing, so chance to make steady revenue from promoting on this social media site still exists.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is now experiencing a surge of activity. Marketers could take advantage of this trend, which could be short-term. However, it should be pointed out that although LinkedIn does not generate as much revenue as Facebook, this company still is going strong in spite of their expense increase.


Facebook would be perfect for times when a marketer does not have the time to create targeted ad campaigns. Promoters can reach mass amounts of people at once much more quickly. However, of course, Facebook does offer keyword and location-based ads.

LinkedIn promotion would be idea for a company who wants to reach out to more specific groups of people. This option may also be more viable for cultivating long-term client relationships. The revenue might be smaller than when promotion money is used elsewhere, but it still provides chance for steady profit.

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