VisibleNation: The Next Generation in Social Networking

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Social data comparison has fast become one of the most powerful influences in the world. The incredible success of social media like Twitter and Facebook has seen the rise of numerous platforms, including PeerIndex, Klout and LinkedIn. And the explosion has only begun. In no time, we’ll have access to Experian, IPSOS Mori, TNS, Research Now and AC Neilson, all entities looking to enter the universe of social data comparison.

These platforms have easily challenged how far one can go in regards to rating content of individual expertise and the impact that has had across social communities. Content of character has taken front and center as social media allows us to learn more about someone from their profile than we might during an initial budding relationship.

One new player in this field is VisibleNation, an Anglo-Russian start-up. VisibleNation has claimed to be the proud minds behind the first truly free social data comparison platform. With a nine month development and a half million dollars secured seed investment from private investors, they have created a new site that will put users in the unique position of virtually comparing their lives to others.

VisibleNation will allow its users to look at other members through nine different categories, including education, career, health, leisure, transport, family and finances. Ultimately, users will utilize VisibleNation to compare abstract concepts such as success and happiness. They will even be able to get a lifestyle rating.

The chief executive officer of VisibleNation, Nikolai Puntikov, has stated he sees the sharing of images and comments on the Internet as de rigeur in social networking, but it’s only the beginning. His company will take sharing to the next stage, using member information to generate data that can be accessed for greater results.

There are those that believe the overall concept of VisibleNation is logical. Members tend to be overly enthusiastic on social networks. With the possibility of having their lives rated anonymously and then compared to others, users might be tempted to be more realistic about the information they share. That in turn creates verifiable data that has more value.

At this time, VisibleNation is a 100 percent, privately shared network. All personal details will remain private. This should encourage users to believe that they are getting back value from participation. It is definitely an intriguing concept. The question will be, though, is it engaging enough for users to try in the first place?

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