Writing Better Business Tweets: Getting More Click-Throughs

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Creating a comprehensive marketing message in 140 characters requires brevity and focus. Write better business-related tweets by asking the reader to get active. Use irresistible details that make Twitter users want to click a link for more details. Instead of tweeting off the cuff, make these mini-marketing messages part of the company business plan.

Use Enticing Details

People are told what to do all day long: “Buy this!”, “Try it now!” or “Order here.” Take a personal approach and instead engage readers by asking them to explore an aspect of your business. If the reader likes what he sees, he will consequently buy, try and order.

Instead of tweeting a cliche sales pitch such as, “New Brand X stoves have arrived. Buy them now at the low price of $599.99. (Link to company website)”, lure the buyer in with information.

Try tweeting, “No-fail holiday cookies are minutes away with the convection option and push-button adjustable baking racks on Brand X stoves. (link to company website).” Make the buyer want what the stove offers. Intriguing the customer with a few top features makes him want to learn more, and click-though on the embedded link.

Create a Call for Action

In some businesses, such as insurance sales, a call for action works best. Some potential customers don’t know they need a specific product. The tweet must tell them why.

Instead of tweeting “We welcome Mr. Smith to our sales team. Visit him today to review auto plans. Visit our website here: http…”, lure the customer in with a call for action that blatantly benefits the customer.

Make the customer want to respond. Try tweeting this: “Love pets? Add four-legged family members to your auto coverage today. Get 10% off your order by booking with new staff member, Mr. Smith. (link to Mr. Smith’s contact page)”. This tweet not only builds the new employee’s client base, but introduces customers to an uncommon policy option, encouraging the reader to click for details about the pet policy and how to contact the insurance company.

Make it Personal

Although tweets promote a business, get personal and use causal language. Gear the tweet at an individual reader, not the thousands of followers on the business’ Twitter list. Use the words “you” and “I” to create a connection.

Leave the industry lingo for office talk. Potential customers with a novice knowledge base of the product may feel intimidated by a tech-laden tweet. For example, when a new camera hits the shelves at a photography retailer avoid tweeting, “The new Nikon X-Model 20MP D-SLR with a 24-200mm telephoto lens with VR technology is here!”

Try appealing to all levels of photography enthusiasts by simply stating, “Stop in to try the new Nikon Model X. It zooms and makes great enlargements! See specs here: (link to sales page). In-store classes available to get you shooting.”

Creating effective business tweets has come along way from writing print ad sales copy. Without the benefit of a full-color display ad or a half-page spread, it’s imperative to draw the reader in with wit, details and personable information that speaks directly to the reader. A clever, simple message increases click-through rates.

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