How Writing Evolved with Social Media

The digital age has brought many changes to the way people communicate, and this is most evident in writing. It is now common for work colleagues to express themselves in emails much the same way they would if they were talking face-to-face. Each day, it is more clear that the dividing line between speech and … Read more

How to Write Compelling Content for Your Business Blog

The ongoing success and sustainability of your blog will depend on your ability to regularly produce timely and meaningful material for your visitors to read. Aside from generating traffic to your site, developing worthy content for it can be your greatest challenge in running it. Successful business blogs have in common certain elements setting them … Read more

Using Multimedia to Market Your Online Business

With most of our Internet connections now being fast enough to view the Web in all its glory, the commonness of multimedia-intensive sites has risen considerably. No longer do websites have to be primarily text-based with a few low quality, low resolution images here and there. These days, people use the Internet for viewing video … Read more

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