Using Pinterest to Boost Your Social Media Efforts

Are you putting all your social media marketing efforts into Twitter and other social networks? Waiting for the results still? Are you selling a service or a conversation? These are things that you may want to ask yourself, and change your strategy that sells your products. One trend that is helping many creative people and … Read more

Writing Better Business Tweets: Getting More Click-Throughs

Creating a comprehensive marketing message in 140 characters requires brevity and focus. Write better business-related tweets by asking the reader to get active. Use irresistible details that make Twitter users want to click a link for more details. Instead of tweeting off the cuff, make these mini-marketing messages part of the company business plan. Use … Read more

Using Pinterest To Build Your Business

Perhaps you have never thought of using Pinterest before to gain new customers, build your brand and increase your bottom line. The truth of the matter is that Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool available to you. This low cost solution has an incredibly loyal following, and because of that you can use it as … Read more

Pin Down Your Marketing Strategy

If you own a business today, it is hard to ignore how important social media has become in marketing your products or services. While it is difficult –and perhaps unwise– to try to embrace the wide variety of social media sites out there, some of these sites are definitely worth your time. Next to the … Read more

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