How to Get More Google Reviews in 2022

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Google My Business is a great way to promote your business and get more customers. One condition is that you must have a minimum of five positive reviews. A Google My Business profile without any thoughts is not convincing. 

This makes potential customers think, what’s the problem with this company? You don’t want this kind of doubt.

This is why you need to also pay attention to this part of your business. This is exactly what this blog post will discuss.

This post will teach you what to do:
  • Google reviews are crucial for every business.
  • Why you should keep your Google My Business account open
  • How to get more Google reviews,
  • How to manage your reviews easier
  • You get more!

You must ensure that your digital presence is maintained if you own a brick-and-mortar business. It is quite obvious that customers use Google to search for businesses.

This is especially true when you consider all local businesses such as restaurants, shops, and service points. Google My Business is a great way to get ahead of the curve. You can create a GMB profile to locate your company on Google Maps.

There’s more! Google allows you to collect customer feedback on your GMB profile. We believe that they are the most important part.

Google reviews are important in 2022

According to BrightLocal’s 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey, 87% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses. 60% said they did it “always” or “regularly.”

Customers can read customer reviews and draw their own conclusions

According to the same report, only 48% of consumers would consider using a business with less than four stars. (Be aware that a star rating is a major review factor).

If your company does not have any online reviews, or if the negative reviews are more than the positive, it’s likely that you will lose customers every week.

This report shows that you need to ensure your Google profile has at least ten reviews ( at most 10) and that these reviews are positive. You will gain trust from potential customers and make them more likely to visit or contact your company.

 It’s a never-ending battle to get more Google reviews. 

Customers are interested in reading recent reviews, and they don’t care about how you performed over the past year. 73% of customers surveyed said that a review should have been posted within one month to affect their decision. 50% stated that it should be done within the last two weeks.

It is important to remember that you cannot get more Google reviews in a short time. It should be a long-term goal, and you need to implement strategies that will help you get more Google reviews in the future. We have a strategy that may just work!

Online reviews on Google play a vital role, but it doesn’t stop there. They can be vitally supportive of your SEO efforts and help drive more mobile traffic.

 Local reviews – SEO and Mobile Traffic 

Mountain View’s giant recommends that your Google My Business business information be accurate, complete, and engaging. Google will give you a reason to increase your visibility in Google Search and, thus, more customers.

Reviews are a prerequisite for a GMB profile that is engaging. Reviews show potential customers and Google that the company is active and real.

GMB is also a great way to reach mobile customers. When they’re in unfamiliar areas, people often use Google Maps to find local businesses. They often contact you directly because of the information they find.

Google My Business accounts can be a vital source of hot leads.

Let’s get specific now and see how we can get more Google reviews.

 How do I get more Google reviews? 

How do you get Google reviews for business? It isn’t always easy to get more Google reviews. You shouldn’t wait for your customers to leave reviews.

Your customers might not be able to do this, or they may simply not feel the need. Ask them.

It is possible to request a simple request in 70% of cases.

There are many ways that you can ask customers to leave comments on your Google profile. They are all available in the following formats.

  • Email: 45% of the answers
  • In-person: 34%
  • Recipients: 30%
  • Social media: 26%
  • Phone: 24%
  • Send an SMS message with 20%
  • A device within the business location: 16%
  • Chatbots: 15%

There is no single way to communicate with customers. You can communicate with the customer using the same channel that you used to communicate with them.

The communication channel is only one thing. It is quite another to make it happen. These are some of the most important elements to consider:

 How do you ask for a Google Review? 

You should craft a message that is encouraging and attractive. This is an example of what you could say:

  •  Do not forget to voice your opinion. We are interested in what you have to say about working with us. Leave a review for our Google profile at [link] 
  •  Would you enjoy working with us? You might leave a Google review. You will help more customers find you by leaving a Google review. [link] 
  •  Google reviews are a great way to improve and grow our services. Your input is also appreciated! It will take you less than one minute: [link] 

Three essential elements should be highlighted when creating a message for this type of message:

  • Google reviews are important for your company. They can help you improve your products/services.
  • It is easy to leave a review. We will be back in a moment.
  • You and your customers can benefit from reviews: They help you find a trustworthy company.

Similar communication can be used to request reviews in other ways.

You can attach a printed note with your request (or better yet, a QR Code) to each package you ship.

A social media campaign or email could be used to encourage your customers, past and present, to visit your Google profile.

 Let your customers know how they can voice their opinions. 

While most people know how Google works, not everyone knows how to post a review online. A simple how-to file would be extremely helpful that you could email or share on social media.

It should be placed on your website, just next to the Google reviews button.

The button is a great example of this:

Google review button

A simple shortcut to your website, usually in the footer, leads customers to your Google My Business profile, where they can leave reviews.

To make your website more visible, you can use an icon or a click. Here are some ideas we have gathered from different websites:

Examples of the Google review button

You can use similar buttons in your social media profiles or email signatures. This short animation by Google will show you how to create a hyperlink to attach to a button.

How to make a link that allows customers to leave Google reviews.

Log in to Google My Business and select the location that you wish to manage. If you only have one location, skip this step. Instead, go to the Home section, then find the ” Get More Reviews” subsection. You’ll receive a Google review link that you can share with your customers by clicking it.

Once you have the link, it is easy to generate a QR code. You can find many QR code generators online for free.

You can also integrate Google Reviews with your website. Customers visiting your website will see not only the Google review button but also other reviews. This will greatly improve your online image. There are many plug-ins and solutions available for every major CMS platform that will enable you to do this.

Other ways to gain more Google reviews

You can also attract more customers if you simply buy Google Business Reviews from us. We offer custom written high quality GMB business reviews at a reasonable rate. 

First, reply to all comments. It’s an important sign that Google values customer feedback. Both positive and negative reviews are important.

Avoid copying answers. Be specific and personal. This will demonstrate to future customers that your genuine interest is in customer service. That’s always a positive sign.

Being a brick-and-mortar business means you have to meet at least half of your customers in person. If a customer is extremely satisfied with your product or service, it’s a good time to request an online review.

Remember this simple truth: Providing exceptional customer service is the best way to gain more reviews from customers!

FAQs about Google reviews

 Where can I find my Google reviews? 

Logging on to your GMB account and choosing the Reviews section will allow you to view them. You can also search for your company name on Google to see the profile.

 How do I delete Google reviews? 

You can’t generally. You can, however, report a review that is spam or fake to Google.

 How do I respond to reviews from Google? 

Log on to Google My Business and go to the Reviews section. Click the Reply button.

Google My Business Management

All your Google reviews can be viewed and reacted to from one location. You can schedule and auto-publish various types of GMB posts. It’s free!

Bonus: How NOT to respond to Google reviews

Recently, I found myself in Lisbon’s very heart, at a restaurant that serves delicious food but was run down by a rude business owner. I was annoyed by his rude behavior towards his customers and decided to investigate his Google reviews.

These were some of the real gems I discovered. These are great examples of how to NOT respond to negative Google reviews.